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Dominus products are manufactured from brass, then chrome plated. This provides an incredibly hard surface layer and ensures unsurpassed durability with a timeless lustre and a lifetime guarantee.

In addition to our superior Chrome and Brushed Chrome finishes, ranges are available to order in the following colour options:

Brass and Copper finishes: These are softer metals which have a gorgeous warm, organic glow. Brushed finishes create a gentle matte finish while polished products enhance the bright colour of these fashionable metals. All our brass and copper products are coated with high quality lacquer to prevent tarnishing, maintain constant colour tone and add durability.

Nickel and Brushed Nickel plated products have a soft ‘champagne’ hue and provide an enduring quality finish with excellent anticorrosive properties.

White or on-trend matte Black: a special layer of powder coating is applied to ensure excellent durability and colour retention*

*The Vision range is currently not available to order in Black or white, check our site for updates.



Brushed Chrome

Brushed Brass

Polished Brass

Antique Brass

Brushed Copper

Brushed Nickel